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AquaSafe 90 Water care pack

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Water control - made simple! Special Offer!!! 5 for the price of 4!!! Simply add Qty 5 to your cart and your discount will be automatically applied. This remarkable formula keeps your water clean, sparkling bright and fresh with no harsh chemicals or irritating odours. These powerful yet gentle cleansers remove contaminants to eliminate unsightly scum and foam and prevents scale or mineral deposits from forming. Forget the shower after use, as AquaSafe 90 leaves your skin feeling clean, soft and velvety smooth. With no corrosive chemicals in AquaSafe 90 to cause rust, stains or tainted water, your pump, filter, heater and every part of your spa in contact with the water will look better and last longer. Aquasafe90 Water Care Pack includes: 1 Bottle of AquaSafe90 20 Filter Flow Oxidising Tablets 3 Bacteria Test Strips 6 pH Test Strips Chemical FREE - Maintenance FREE ? 100% bio-based, all natural seaweed enzymes ? FREE from chlorine or bromine toxicity - completely bio-degradable and non-toxic to the environment ? FREE from itching, rashes, dry skin & burning eyes ? FREE from daily maintenance and testing - NO more test kits! ? FREE from chemical smells ? Save water, don?t waste a valuable asset - Drain your spa water directly onto your lawn or garden!
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