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Intrigue Hot Tub from Vita Spas A Deluxe 6 seater Hot Tub.

A venturi air system that introduces air into the water jets to give a more invigorating massage.


Heating: 3 Kilowatt heater

Construction: The Hot Tub cabinet is made from Excel Plus Synthetic Teak panelling. The shell is acrylic from Lucite, USA. The material used in the construction of your hot tub is similar to that used in auto and aerospace industries. Fiberlite™, another exclusive Vita Spa product, consists of lightweight, fire retardant fillers and a modified polyester resin which combine to create a practically unbreakable bond in acrylic surfaces.

Our PermaShield™ base adds an attractive touch to your hot tub while it also isolates the hot tub from the ground or deck. In addition to the value of insulating the elements of cold and rain from your hot tub, the PermaShield base will not harm or stain your deck or patio. It also blocks entry or rodents that seek refuge in the warmth of your spa cabinet. Heavy duty frame made using only pressure treated wood

Power: This Hot Tub requires a 13amp supply. 50 sq.ft. filter which is easily accessible. Filtration also runs during the heating cycles- the spa's electronic thermostat starts the low speed pump and the heater to maintain the desired temperature. The hot tub's digital control has a pre-programmed electronic timer that has been set to automatically run the filtration low speed pump for 4 hours twice a day. This is programable Control Panel: Self correcting Therapy Control Centre. Factory preset and programmed. Select the temperature desired and the clock and forget about it. Filtration and heating cycles are all preset.

Seating: 5 bucket seats and a lounger with varying jets so you can take it turn to find the seat that has the jet configuration for you.

Jets: 27 Chrome Jets in total which are designed to deliver a firm pinpoint jet stream of massaging action to specific areas of your body, such as shoulders and lower back. Move the jet nozzle to direct the flow in any direction. The amount of pressure can be adjusted by rotating the outer rim of the jet: clockwise for lower pressure and counter clockwise for higher pressure.

Lighting: Aqua Burst Plus Lighting system with 3 x mood lights with 9 LED bulbs plus 4 lit drinks pads. Choose from a rainbow of changing colours or stop on the colour of your choice.

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