Vita Spa VB4 Anti-Turbulence

Vita Spa VB4 Anti-Turbulence 14ft Swimspa

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Vita Spa VL4 Anti-Turbulence 14ft Swimspa

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The New Vita Spa VL4 is the upgraded version of the XL4 - Same popular design but with the upgraded Anti-Turbulence Jet Propulsion System for a ultra-smooth, but powerful exercise experience! The VL4 boasts a very large swim lane for flexibility of exercise.

Seats 3 Dimensions 168” x 90” x 50” / 427cm x 228cm x 127cm

Water Volume 4,921 liters Dry Weight 2,500 lbs / (1,134 kg) Filled Weight 12,900 lbs / (5,851 kg)

Pumps Pump 1 3HP/6.0bHP, 2Sp Pump 2 3HP/6.0bHP, 2Sp Pump 3 3HP/6.0bHP, 2Sp

JETS 19 Hydrotherapy Jets 4 Turbo Stainless Steel Swim Jets 6 Aurora Cascade Jets


NEW xStream Force Jet Propulsion System Aurora Cascade Water Feature

BlueMAAX™ Green Insulation System

DuraMAAX™ Cabinetry

Freeze Protection

Illuminated Drink Holders LED Illuminated Swimline

Stainless Steel Jets Steel Substructure

WiFi Connectivity

Molded Bottom Pan

CleanZone™ Vita Tunes

OPTIONAL FEATURES CleanZone™ II UV Sanitizer Exercise Kit Resistance Bands

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