From covers to rubber ducks, we can provide you with all of the additional necessities for running a hot tub or swim spa. We supply a wide range of accessories for your hot tub or spa including new or replacement covers, replacement parts, filters, eco-treatments and cleaning chemicals.

Whether you are choosing a new or replacement cover for your hot tub, our high quality thermal covers will ensure the heat is kept in and debris is kept out. Covers come in both hard and soft so you can choose which one would be better for you and your family. If accessibility is a concern for you, we supply many different options; handrails and steps make getting in and out of your hot tub much easier and safer in the wet conditions. Our fun stuff and technology range means you can add style to your hot tub, making every use an exciting one. Find a range of accessories at our Billinghay showroom.

  • Accessibility Steps & Handrails

    Steps and handrails make it much easier to get in and out of your hot tub.

  • Fun Stuff & Technology

    From toys to tech, add some fun to your tub!

  • Replacement Parts

    Replacement parts and cleaning products for your hot tub or swimspa.