Vita Spa USA

Vita Spa USA

Vita Spas have been creating spas in the USA since 1974 and are now manufacturered by Maax Spas. 1 Stop Spas were proud to be the largest retailer of Vita Spa between 2015-2017 of the dealerships. In 2017, Maax Spas decided to revamp it's line up of brands, going from 6 major American-Made brands, to just 2 and introduced an emalgamation of it's brands to create the World's first SUPERBRAND called AMERICAN WHIRLPOOL.

Maax Spas Owned: Vita Spa, Maax Collection, LA Spas, California Cooperage, Elite USA and Powerpool - All famous, well built American Made brands, however their brand marketing was spread out and ot as well known as some other Spa brands, despite them being often better built. So when Maax was aquired in 2017 by American Bath Group (ABG), ABG decided to merge their brands and marketing and create the World's first Hot Tub SUPERBRAND - AMERICAN WHIRLPOOL - Much like the British Lions, Maax has selected the very best performing models and placed them in an exclusive line up and then invested millions into tuning and perfecting that line up to create an unbeatable range of spas.

As the largest Vita Spa retailer in the UK, 1 Stop Spas were privalaged to be asked by Maax Spas to help introduce the new Superbrand in the UK - a hard decision to move away from a good brand, but unregretable decision for us now we've had the pleasure of representing American Whirlpool. American Whirlpool has all the DNA that the Vita Spa brand had, but with it's enhanced features, uplifted styling and increased performance, the American Whirlpool brand has been the popular choice of the deserning buyer who's done their research.

So much so, our previous Vita Spa owners are now upgrading to the newer, fresher American Whirlpool range.

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