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Top of the line EXTREME swim and conditioning training

If you’re looking for the top performance vessel for EXTREME swim and conditioning training the ATV-17 Kona is the vessel for you! Like the ATV-Sport models, the ATV-Kona has three dual-speed pumps, only in the Kona you get two dual-speed 360 GPM / 1,363 LPM pumps and one dual-speed 160 GPM / 606 LPM pump creating a flow rate of 1,000 GPM / 3,785 LPM!

The innovative Kona exclusive Whitewater-4™ jets provide a wall of water to maximize your swim pace options and workout rigor. Class 4 white water is known as ‘advanced' in the outdoor sports world. With Whitewater-4, you will feel the flow difference…for real! The Kona's exclusive system design actually uses the Whitewater-4 jets to deliver water flow beyond the volumes created by the pumps, delivering up to 39% more flow than comparably sized jets available anywhere else in swim spas.

The Kona ATV also offers a pair of mid-vessel Buoyancy jets that will deliver mid to lower torso lift during swim exercises. This provides a unique alternative dynamic to your body position in the water during your workout. Twin-end tethers and deep-water anchor points expand the versatility and variety of strength, resistance bands and conditioning workouts in 53 in. / 135 cm of water.

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Size 519cm x 227cm x 155cm
Water Depth 135cm
Water Capacity 9085 litres
Weight Dry/Empty 1388 kgs
Weight Full 10184 kgs
Ozonator Corona Discharge
Pumps 3 Pumps (2 dual-speed 360 gpm / 1,363 lpm pumps & 1 dual-speed 160 gpm / 606 lpm pumps)
Therapy Jets 1 Full Depth, 1 Cool Down
Therapy Jets 26
Whitewater-4 Jets 6
Buoyancy Jets 2
Flow Rate 1000 gpm / 3,785 lpm
Electrical 230V, 50 hz, 32A
Insulation Full Foam
Swim Tether Kit Included
Swim Tether Anchors 2 Pair
Steps/Access Interior steps build to ANSI specification w/12-point LED lighting
Skimmers Integrated Cover, LED Lit
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