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The V84 has a high perch which allows you to feel the ultimate power of the Whitewater-4 jet. The 36 Jetpods with the V-O-L-T System delivers a fantastic massage for your body, whether it’s your neck, back or legs! The V84 hot tub also comes with five V3 controls that allow you to target the certain spots that are causing you trouble. 


Our Vector-Optimized Laminar Therapy (V-O-L-T) System comes as part of the hydrotherapy design of every Jetpod. It is specially designed to deliver flow volumes and hydrotherapy benefits to your hot tub. Also, unique, are the different types of Jetpods. The Directional Jetpod provides you with a deep muscle massage by targeting certain areas; The Orbital Jetpod addresses a broad area by using a rotational massage and the Conal Jetpods benefit an expanded skin surface area with a more gentler massage.


The V3 is specially designed to allow you to choose your pump flow between 0% and 100% on any seat, at any time! Depending on the model, the V3 are located near the seats with the jets that are activated by that particular V3 control. Along with the V-O-L-T System, the V3 is a must for anyone that loves to take control! 


Microsilk is designed to deliver thousands and thousands of tiny oxygen-rich microbubbles into your hot tub, providing a soothing and silky feel to your skin. It then reaches deep into your pores to lift away any impurities, all the while it is also moisturizing your skin and leaving it baby-soft.


Decorate the environment on your hot tub with our range of custom Environments. We have a wide range so you can feel like that you are in the paradise you always dreamed for in your hot tub. 

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Marquis Hot Tub Model Vector 21 Hot Tubs
Size 213 x 213 x 91cm
Number of Jets 37
Pumps 2-2 speed
Filtration 2
Water Capacity 1211 liters
Weight Dry/Empty 318kgs
Weight Full 1530 kgs
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